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How to get natural hair without using chemicals

If you treat your hair with care and attention, it will be both beautiful and healthy. The best thing you can do for your hair is to care for it naturally and avoid conventional products that contain harsh chemicals, petroleum products, sulfates,synthetic dyes, and other potentially harmful ingredients.Instead, choose to care for your hair with plant-based ingredients that will strengthen, smooth, and moisturize

Herbal rinses and clarifiers are restorative, usually crafted with herbal infusions and extracts, and often contain citrus juice or apple cider vinegar to balance the hair’s natural pH. They do not contain surfactants like liquid shampoos and do not lather. They are terrific at freeing the hair of dulling build-up, excess oils, and odors. Some herbal hair rinses are designed to be color enhancers to bring out your hair’s natural color and highlights. They can be used a few times a week. Herbal rinses are popular among those who adhere to the “no-shampoo” protocol.

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Hair conditioners contain hydrating plant oils that work to restore the softness and luster that shampoos can cleanse away. They help create soft, manageable hair that is easy to comb and style. Being high in essential fatty acids, they can tame even the most unruly, frizzy locks into a silky, intensely conditioned, and beautified head of healthy-looking hair.

  • On average, your hair can grow up to 6 inches every year. The secret to healthy, goodlooking hair is a combination of nourishing your body on the inside, while nurturing your hair on the outside. Follow the following tried-and-tested tips for beautiful hair :

1. Eat a healthy diet full of foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, biotin, silica, zinc, antioxidants, protein, sulfur, iron, selenium, and folate. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement, too.

2. Cleanse your hair gently and only when necessary.

3. Condition and nourish your hair with plant-based oils and extracts at least once a week to protect the hair follicles.

4. Avoid wearing tight ponytails and hair styles in which the hair shaft is tugged or treated roughly.

5. Trim the ends of your hair on a regular basis. Even snipping off a quarter of an inch every few months will get rid of any split ends, which, if left alone, will continue to split even further up the hair shaft.*

6. Allow your hair to air dry instead of applying harsh heat.

7. Avoid an excessive use of hot styling tools such as curlers, flat irons, and crimpers.

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