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How to Get a Beautiful Smile And how Can you Maintain the Whiteness of your Teeth

Nothing is more attractive than a healthy smile. Do you remember the television show “The Swan”? The series would start with a group of women who were at a point in their lives when they could really use a makeover. Every aspect of their appearance was improved, and the contestants were not allowed to see themselves in a mirror until the dramatic unveiling of their new look.

Ultimately the woman who experienced the biggest transformation from ugly duckling was voted “the swan.” The “Swan” contestants underwent procedures from head to toe, including expensive hair treatments, nose jobs, and 6 breast implants, not to mention new clothes and makeup. But what often made the biggest difference of all was the cosmetic dental work they received. Many got flawless white veneers for their teeth, giving them sensational celebrity smiles.

The great thing about a fabulous smile is that it always looks terrific. If you pushed Julia Roberts into a swimming pool, her hair would go flat, her makeup would run, and her clothes would get soggy, but she would still be camera-ready with her million-dollar smile. When you have a healthy grin, it’s with you from the moment you wake up in the morning until your last good-night kiss. At a cost upward of a thousand dollars per tooth, most of us can’t afford perfect veneers, but there is a great deal we can do to take care of the teeth nature gave us. In addition to proper oral care, it comes down to the choices we make about the food we put in our mouths.

There’s a difference between “diet” and “nutrition,” although for practical purposes you can’t separate the two. Your diet is whatever foods you eat. Your nutrition comes from your diet., because when it comes to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, your food choices have both short-term effects and long-term nutritional consequences.

The foods you eat immediately affect what is going on in your mouth. For example, if you snack on potato chips, the food particles that get stuck in your teeth become food for plaque, and bacteria will start munching on your teeth for the next 20 minutes or so. Your hair and skin won’t suffer—
121 Nutrition for a Gleaming, White, Healthy Smile but your teeth might.

If you eat potato chips every afternoon and night at the expense of other nutrient-rich foods, your
teeth and gums, as well as other aspects of your health, may suffer.

How to find Problems Develop in your mouth ?

Beauty and health are always closely related, but when it comes to an attractive smile, they are inseparable. Ugly teeth are an immediate turnoff, which is why we associate them with pirates and witches.

The two essential components of a beautiful smile are strong teeth and healthy gums. You’re in luck, because my Beauty Diet can help you preserve both. I need to take just a minute to explain how problems develop so you’ll see why making changes in your diet can give you a shining smile.

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