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Beauty Starts With a Healthy Lifestyle : Body Beautiful and Healthy Food

It’s a great time to be you! Gone are the days when
there was just one standard of beauty. Open a catalog or magazine and you’ll see beauty of all shapes,sizes, ages, and colors. Models and movie stars are skinny and plump, tall and short, young and old.

Beauty can mean ample curves or elegant angles; long, luxuriant hair or
a short bob; smoky eyes or a freckled face. What’s not in style
is looking super-skinny, undernourished, and unhealthy.

Today the key to attractiveness is radiant health and abundant energy.
By making the most of your natural beauty, you’ll turn heads and capture hearts. If you were born with pale skin, freckles, and flaming red locks, you can be beautiful. If you
have golden skin, almond eyes, and pin-straight hair, you can be beautiful. If you have ebony skin, lush features, and wild curls, you can be beautiful. Whether your hair is jet black,snow white, or anything in between, you can set your own standards of beauty because your allure is going to come
from inside.

When you start really nourishing the beautiful body you were given, you’ll find yourself reaching less often for the concealers you’ve been using to hide troubled skin or camouflage those dark circles under your eyes. You’ll use less makeup and fewer maintenance products once your skin
regains its youthful suppleness, your thick and glossy hair grows in, and your nails grow long and strong. People will comment on how fabulous you look—or, if they can’t quite put their finger on your new appearance, you’ll get comments like “Did you get new glasses?” or “Did you cut your hair?”

Dietary fiber is another reason to choose whole foods over processed, refined, commercially prepared items. Fiber is beneficial for your health in various ways, but what I love most about fiber is the major beauty benefit it offers: fiber keeps you slim! In fact, I often tell my beauty-focused clients that if there was a magic bullet when it comes to weight loss, it would be fiber.

Fiber keeps you feeling full without contributing any calories. So, if you want to slim down and look fabulous in that dress, it’s a good idea to up your fiber intake. When you eat, say, a piece of celery, the fiber goes right through. Why? Because, unlike cows and horses, human beings cannot digest cellulose—the main substance of the cell walls in plants. Cellulose and lignin are both examples of insoluble dietary fiber, which moves bulk through the intestinal tract and helps prevent constipation. Insoluble fiber also promotes absorption of nutrients and helps get toxins out of the body in a timely manner, both of which help to keep your features in top form.

Soluble fiber (gums, mucilages, pectins) also is not digested, but it dissolves in water and creates a gel as it goes through the intestinal tract. It helps keep blood sugar levels stable by slowing digestion and also may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels

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